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Blobstacle 1.2 Live

The latest version of Blobstacle (the game I have been working on at Ricemedia went live on the app store today.

This version adds a survival mode and 10 new levels, the new levels including a new type of obstacle to add more challenge to the game.

Blobstacle Lite should be hitting the app store soon too!, a free version of Blobstacle, with a limited time survival mode and 10 levels.

Blobstacle is now £0.59, so sorry if you missed the free downloadable period!

Check it out

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Did i say coming months? I meant years…

Yeah, so i've not been as thick and fast with updates onto this site as I'd hoped, mainly due to working flat out on Blobstacle! It was made using the cocos2d framework and chipmunk physics engine 5.0.

Blobstacle is a game i've been working on for RiceMedia for quite a while now, it finally hit the app store yesterday.

I've learn't tonnes making this game and there's still more to do, i'm sure i'll eventually get down to releasing a few updates here as to certain things I had to overcome, and how i did them, if i think other people might find them useful.

Someone did a really nice review of blobstacle on youtube. (It was free for a day).

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